Leads Generation

At Netberry we focus on performance-based marketing, we specialize in lead generation through email, search marketing and promotions through affiliate networks. With over ten years of experience in performance marketing, we know what works and we can strategically advise our clients in the choice of digital channels but also to achieve the optimal digital marketing mix.

We run our own websites and build databases that we use for marketing on behalf of our clients, we are also working with partners to help drive traffic with targeting and timing in focus for optimal conversions.

By combining multiple channels, we are able to deliver new contacts every month to our customers. Our expertise in performance marketing has been very helpful to our customers in succeeding with digital marketing. We can offer the following in term of lead generating:

1. Targeted and email campaigns engaging users

2. The database at our disposal allows us to segment and reach your target group in Sweden

3. We can perform custom collection of new data to get started with a new or continue an existing campaign

4. Hot leads – this is a service where we have capture leads at a desired stage of the purchase cycle, for example – if a prospect downloads a free travel guide of a certain destination we know that this person is very close to the purchase a holiday in a specific region, in that case we act accordingly.

5.  We offer campaigns with automated mailings with predetermined triggers.

At Netberry you always have access to an account manager who monitosr your campaigns daily and ensures, delivery, technical support and monthly reports for all campaigns. At least every quarter we conduct a meeting to review and discuss changes to continuously improve your campaigns. Contact us today to discuss further how we can help you and your business.