Market Research

Netberry provides market research for companies that are active in the Swedish market and want to undertake a research of a current or new customer segment or who are looking into an expansion to and establishment in Sweden.

We usually require a brief from our client in order to carry out the research and answering the below questions usually leads to a much higher quality and accuracy of the the research.

1. Market and Strategic Overview

This helps us understand where this project fits in the overall strategy, vision and values, and business objectives:

  • Definition of the market and explanation of its dynamics
  • Major players and key competitors in the local market and across Europe
  • Past and current activity
  • Current target markets
  • Factors such as regulations, seasonality, distribution, pricing, communication, etc

2. Background and Role of the Research

This is probably the most important part of the brief, as it specifies where the research fits in your marketing activity, and more specifically, the types of decisions and plans that will be made on the basis of the research:

  • Reasons for the research
  • Where does it fit into marketing programme development?
  • Which business units does the research impact and who is involved?
  • Make sure you identify any constraints on the action you can take as a result of the research

3. Objectives

There are usually two types of objectives that need to be explained:

  • Business objective – this is the objective of the marketing project the research is for, it is the overall strategic objective
  • Research objective – detailed objectives of what you need to know e.g. attitudes, behaviour, usage expectations, perceptions. Is it to understand, evaluate of explore (more qualitative objectives) or is it to measure, record, or ascertain (more quantitative objectives)

4. Suggested Approach & Research Target(s)

It is recommended to identify and share any preferences you might have:

  • Are there any specific groups or subgroups you are interested in researching?

5. Reporting Requirements

Identification of any requirements you might have such as:

  • Top line or final report only
  • Word report and/or PowerPoint
  • Presentations and/or Workshops

6. Timing

Please specify any real constraints that exist. However, please be realistic about whether your objectives can be met within that time frame.

7. Budget

Please indicate budgets since it is very helpful, as it helps define the scale of the project, providing some financial guidelines to work within. It also helps researchers to work on providing the best solution within your means.

8. Existing research or other information

Please share any other relevant research or information. Often this helps refine how the research is done. It also means that covering old ground can be avoided, and this research builds on what is already known

9. Research type

Should the research be restricted to desk research only or include primary research such as, surveys and/or interviews with potential customers, consumers or buyers in case of B2B etc?

Please get in touch with us to have a brief conversation about your plans and how we might help.