Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is the paid /sponsored links, or so-called PPC (Pay Per Click) . Both organic and paid search works in principle relatively similar from a technical point of view, with the difference that in paid search there are market forces involved that influence the price per click that is connected to the classical supply demand curve (how much you are willing to pay to rank on a particular word / phrase) . There are also other metrics involved of how your paid ad will position itself to the competitors in the SERP – such metrics are CTR (click through rates) and Quality Score, in practice you will actually affect the price by becoming more agile and maintaining higher quality of content than your competitors. With many years of experience in search marketing , we have developed a proprietary model for how we go about using the SEM as a part of you digital marketing mix . We always start with an analysis of the product or service, we try to look at the so-called customer metric i.e. who your customers are and where they spend their time when online. Summarizing – we always try to get to know your customer before we kick off and start spending your budget.