Web Development

At Netberry we provide web development for both small and large companies,
we are working mainly with PHP and are specializing at development in WordPress, Drupal and Jomla.
We split web development in three categories:


Simple web projects (up to 1 000 EUR)

We have developed an offer for individuals or companies that do not require extensive web development – our web packages in WordPress’ simple web “where the website will cost up to 1 000 EUR. You can upgrade your new website for an additional fee of 30 EUR / month and includes the following:

1. Domain

2. Hosting on a hosting

3. 10 e-mail addresses

4. Support

Simple Web is designed for those who do not require extensive functionality on the website – you are welcome to contact us so we can together choose the right web service for you or your business.


Medium Web projects (1 000-10 000 EUR)

Medium Web project contains a unique theme in WordPress, Drupal or Jomla and a custom design that meets your needs. Moreover, there are often two dimensions – the open part of the project and a private for registered users, profiles, language functions, etc.. A web shop usually fall in this category.


Advanced Web projects (from 10 000 EUR )

We work with MySQL / SQL databases and programming in PHP and can help you in every step in the development of your new website, from concept (wireframes), design, and programming and implementation of the finished product.
For each project we dedicate an account manager who will be your contact person during the project and ensure that your vision is conveyed properly to our designers and developers. Contact us and we will provide you with a proposal of your web project.